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Like ‘Game of Thrones?’ You’ll like Boston Baroque’s ‘L’incoronazione di Poppea’

—Zoë Madonna, The Boston Globe

“Now in its final season, “Game of Thrones” has so far focused on the encroaching horde of icy zombies rather than political intrigue, seduction, megalomania, and other human dramas at the royal court. The good news: For those things, we still have opera…”


Poppea: Amoral But Entrancing

—Susan Miron, The Boston Musical Intelligencer

A few days after experiencing Boston Baroque’s riveting production of Monteverdi’s The Coronation of Poppea (on Friday evening at Jordan Hall), I am still reflecting on Poppea’s world of 64 A.D., one in whose important characters are ethically compromised, amoral, and, despite their beautiful voices, generally unpleasant. And I am still smiling…”


Boston Baroque’s ‘Jephtha’ finds its way at Jordan Hall

—Zoë Madonna, The Boston Globe

“There’s no patriarchy like Old Testament patriarchy. Take Jephthah, for instance: In the Book of Judges, he promises God that in exchange for help fighting the idol-worshiping Ammonites, he’ll make a burnt offering of the first thing he sees upon his victorious return. This backfires catastrophically…”